To choose a topic to address in a sacrament meeting talk a few years ago, I went to the chapter of Preach My Gospel that talks about developing Christ-like attributes. The topic that I chose was patience. It wasn’t something I’d thought too deeply about in the past, but I discovered that there’s much mor […]

A little over seven years ago, my wife and I were living with two young children in Orem, Utah. One day, my wife suggested that maybe we should move to Nebraska for a few years to be close to her family and add some strength to the little ward where they lived. I didn’t want […]

In Acts chapter 26, we read that, after Paul had borne testimony of his vision of Jesus, he asked, “King Agrippa, believest thou the prophets? I know that thou believest. Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian. And Paul said, I would to God, that not only thou, but […]

Today, I’d like to address a topic that’s been on my mind for several months.

During that time, I’ve noticed on several occasions that when a question has been asked in class about the things that we’re supposed to be doing in the gospel, the answers often revolve around what we call the “Sunday School […]

There was a man who, ever since he was a child, was terrified thinking that there was – let’s just say “something” – under his bed. So he went to a psychiatrist. They had their sessions discussing whether his mother left dirty socks under his bed or whether his father was too lazy to vacuum […]

In bishopric meeting a month or so ago, while we were discussing topics for sacrament meeting, one that our bishop asked to have addressed again was tithing and fast offerings, the commandments, and the blessings.

We don’t address this topic repeatedly because the ward needs more money or because the stake president is breathing down […]

The Shattered Butterfly

It was a warm summer afternoon, as I sat eating my lunch in a public park in Santa Fe Springs, California. At the time, I was much less than active in The Church, and my life was going nowhere real fast. As I sat there lost in my own little world, I […]

Whether you’re a teenager, an adult, or a senior citizen, if you want to spend the rest of your life happy, then I recommend that you ask yourself one important question every single day. Do it after you wake up every morning, stumble into the bathroom, and look yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself, “Am […]

In many LDS circles, singles over 25 are considered old. 27 makes them a “menace to society.” 30 and stake leaders start suggesting a special fast. Divorcées might more often escape the curious glance and probing question “So, what’s your fatal flaw?” but they’re still single and in danger of missing out on some of […]

Do you ever get the feeling that something just doesn’t fit the way it should? Do you notice people who don’t behave the way that has always made sense to you? Do you feel frustrated or angry because life hasn’t yet measured up to your expectations of the arrangement? Has it ever occurred to you […]

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