The biggest trouble with good advice is that we so often fail to take it.

It’s not your fault, though…okay, it is your fault, but who can blame you? The simple fact remains that despite any amount of good advice we may receive, we humans still have to learn life’s lessons for ourselves.

Someone else may have the wisdom and answers you need and they may even tell you to your face. You can’t always distinguish between good advice and sweet-sounding cliches. Very often even when you recognize truth and wisdom, you still don’t learn the entire lesson until you’ve suffered the consequences of ignoring your better judgment. Finally, it takes a fair amount of humility to accept advice from someone else about your life.

Well, thanks to intense recent sun spot activity and other cosmic forces I don’t begin to understand, if you act quickly, you can take advantage of a rare opportunity to receive quality advice in a way that’s a bit easier to accept than usual.

Close your eyes. Wait! Open them and finish reading this paragraph. When you close your eyes, imagine the sun sinking slowly over the western horizon. Then imagine it rising again. Repeat this visualization, speeding up the rising and setting sun until it becomes a solid golden blur across the sky. Continue for a few minutes, then slow it down again and open your eyes.

Congradulations! You have just moved up to fifty years through a temporary gap in the space-time continuum. You have grown old, and hopefully wise. You don’t have much time, so look back at your life all those years ago (what you may still perceive as the present) and ask yourself this: what advice would you give to that person? That you from all those years ago? How do you feel now about the way you were living your life at that time? What should you have done differently?

You may have the temptation to send back a message about what stock to invest in or where you lost your keys or who had a crush on you that you didn’t know about. If you choose to send such a message, understand that such information could alter the past in ways beyond your control. Why not focus on internalities instead? Matters of character that are sure to lead you in a good direction?

Once you have pondered and chosen your advice, write it down. This is the only way to communicate your message to yourself in the past. Don’t worry that you will entirely disregard your advice – you’ll certainly listen to yourself better than you would have to someone else.

The final step is to reverse the process by which you traveled to the future. Close your eyes and watch the sun rise from the west and sink over the eastern horizon. Spin the days by until you find yourself sitting back in the present.

Now read your advice. Are there any stock tips? Any sports predictions? Probably not. Your older, wiser self probably had the wisdom to focus on a message that you would find of much greater value. And as you read your message, you probably feel in your heart that it is sound and useful, that it would add value, peace and happiness to your present and future life.

The final question remains: will you take your own advice?