Personal Attributes

To choose a topic to address in a sacrament meeting talk a few years ago, I went to the chapter of Preach My Gospel that talks about developing Christ-like attributes. The topic that I chose was patience. It wasn’t something I’d thought too deeply about in the past, but I discovered that there’s much mor […]

Today, I’d like to address a topic that’s been on my mind for several months.

During that time, I’ve noticed on several occasions that when a question has been asked in class about the things that we’re supposed to be doing in the gospel, the answers often revolve around what we call the “Sunday School […]

There was a man who, ever since he was a child, was terrified thinking that there was – let’s just say “something” – under his bed. So he went to a psychiatrist. They had their sessions discussing whether his mother left dirty socks under his bed or whether his father was too lazy to vacuum […]

Do you ever get the feeling that something just doesn’t fit the way it should? Do you notice people who don’t behave the way that has always made sense to you? Do you feel frustrated or angry because life hasn’t yet measured up to your expectations of the arrangement? Has it ever occurred to you […]

I did not always have the joy of Christ in my life. Instead, I found that trying to keep my soul worthy of exaltation was a great burden. My mind was focused on the concept of being worthy. Of course there are many things for which we must be worthy: worthy to be baptized and […]