In many LDS circles, singles over 25 are considered old. 27 makes them a “menace to society.” 30 and stake leaders start suggesting a special fast. Divorcées might more often escape the curious glance and probing question “So, what’s your fatal flaw?” but they’re still single and in danger of missing out on some of […]

The LDS play “Saturday’s Warrior” seems to have as many opponents as it does fans. “That’s so fake!” detractors will say, “We didn’t promise one person in the premortal existance that we’d find them on earth and get married!” Then for good measure, they’ll toss in a prophetic paraphrase: “Any two righteous people can marry […]

I phoned a good friend (I’ll call her Mary) last night and we caught a 7:00 movie, then talked till midnight. I love Mary because she is bright, audacious and genuine.

“I’m going to start acting like a mindless flirt,” she suddenly announced.

“No you’re not,” I countered. I knew she could never stand to […]